May 28, 2023
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Just in time for the holidays, from the depths of ebay motors other makes, I bring you “The Beast.”  If I had to describe this vehicle using 10 words or less, here’s how I would do it:

1. Unnecessary
2. Unnecessary
3. Unnecessary
4. Unnecessary
5. Unnecessary
6. Unnecessary
7. Unnecessary
8. Unnecessary
9. Limo
10. Truck

Even though my description is accurate, it doesn’t provide as much color commentary as the description on their ebay listing:









A few things of note:

1.  Font Size – Why settle for one font size when trying to sell, “The Beast?”  The Beast is bigger than font.

2. Caps – An excellent way to break up the monotony of lowercase letters is to bombard the listing with the occasional uppercase sentence.

3. Taillights vs. Tail Lights – When in doubt, use both.

4. Triple Comma & Quadruple Question Mark – Do you want,,,the ultimate pause or the most unanswerable question????  Try both of these methods to add pause and mystery to any ebay listing or other form of communication.

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