March 23, 2023

Best of Mecum Auto Auction Dallas 2012
















One of my favorite cars from the Mecum Auto Auction in Dallas was this beautiful 1960 Ford Falcon.  Some say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and I’ve never had great sight, but the Falcon has always spoken to me.  Its unassuming practicality somehow makes it sort of appealing.  It’s almost like the Ford Thunderbird made a bastard baby with the Fairlane and the Falcon was the result.  It retained equal parts of the cool and terrible from its parents, but in a slightly smaller size.

The 1960 Ford Falcon was the original compact car for sale in the United States.  In a sea of late 50’s boats cruising the highways and byways, the Falcon was a Fiat by today’s standards.  While digging around on the interwebz, I came across a fantastic commercial for the 1960 Ford Falcon featuring the Peanuts crew. Check it out here:


I love how Charlie Brown is only in the ad for a few seconds until Linus, and his blankie, take the main stage.  The symbolism isn’t lost on me; Linus has a lot in common with the Ford Falcon.  He’s Robin to Charlie Brown’s Batman, Tonto to the Lone Ranger and Andy Richter to Conan – Linus is the Ford Falcon.  Not the guy in the spotlight, but the guy who adds to a solid cast of characters.  He’s genuine, kind of simple, and impossible to hate, just like this Ford Falcon.

This Falcon, in a Peanuts shade of light green, went for $10,500 when it crossed the block.  Not a bad price for a pea-soup-colored-bastard-bird-baby of a Thunderbird and a Fairlane.

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