February 9, 2023

What’s On Your Ipod Rob Heppler?


This is a new series we are starting here at Thatsthehookup. I’m always running out of new music ideas and since most of you have good taste I figured I would see what you are listening to on your way to work or school or jail. Speaking of jail, I talked to my old friend Rob Heppler today to see what was on his iPod. If you aren’t familiar with Rob he is known for designing Concepts’s Lobster Dunks, co-creating Weekly Drop as well as writing for many blogs and hooking me up with these fine kicks.


TTHU: So Rob, what are you listening to on your iPod right now?
Rob Heppler: My ipod got stolen at Concepts and I refuse to buy a new one. I blame Jimmy Tits for leaving it out… he offered to buy a new one.. but he is broker than the Hadron Collider. SO to the fucking coward minority from Lowell… hope you like Kayne West… cuz there is a ton of it on there….however, my iphone is the panty-dropping-party-starter. (i.e. the past 2 christmas parties I have attended)


Team Canada
The mash up DJ’s I’d like to take credit for popularizing is a go to. Its like listening to 4 of your favorite songs at the same time. Fuck you.


This Is constantly playing in my car. To the point that the most common quote from a passenger is “Oh, Lil Wayne, big surprise.”


Carly Simon

She hangs out on Martha’s Vineyard and does coke. Just like me!


Harry Nilsson – The Point!

This is my secret… but if i die later today I want it to live on as my legacy. Good luck finding it. I may put it in the next apple ad.

Kings of Leon
Arcade Fire
Death Cab
Elliot Smith
and this Hipster Anthem

C’mon.. i was in Portland for a fucking year.

One thought on “What’s On Your Ipod Rob Heppler?

  1. Sorry I misspoke about the Coraline dunks: awesome…Rob designed, concepted, and marketed the Coralines and I’m the asshole who traded them for a camera. haha, thanks Rob!

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