May 28, 2023

What We’re Wacthing | Born Rich

This is a decent documentary following the lives of some of the richest heirs in America. I found it totally interesting and satisfying to see that these people are just as if not more miserable than the rest of us. People always imagine what they would do if they were filthy rich and I think it depends on when and how you get there. If you work hard and one day make it big or just win the lottery then I think you will be satisfied with your wealth. But if you are born and told you can do anything you want and you never have to worry you will probably end up like these pieces of shit. Drug addled, boring, wanna be intellectuals who have everything to prove and will always fall short. They are completely isolated and they live in this weird bubble that only their fellow inbred heirs can understand and I am so glad I got to see this film and realize that I am 100% satisfied I did not grow up with these kids. I would like to thank the narrator/documentarian for putting himself out there because I’m sure this film caused him a drop in his social status. Also there was one girl in the film who didn’t seem so bad…I believe it was Bloomberg’s daughter. Anyways, this is definitely worth a watch.

I think what people should take from this film is this. None of these people could live this way if we weren’t so eager to grab crumbs off their plate. So many of us are willing to sell out just hoping a rich dude will give us a reality tv career, or a chance to be a myspace star, or just a big tip for parking his Rolls Royce and what we should really be doing is telling them to fuck off and that we are going to surround their houses with flaming torches unless they stop being douchebags.

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