June 4, 2023

TTHU Movie Reviews | The Town | from a local’s perspective

You know anytime a movie is made about Boston I have to go see it. I wasn’t born here but I definitely lasted longer than most transplants and I have done my best to immerse myself in Boston and all that entails. So I had to go see Ben Affleck’s new movie, The Town, before anyone ruined it for me or built it up too much. This is one of the first Boston filmed movies that I actually felt very much a part of since they were filming in Harvard Square for a few weeks, many times at the same time as the upcoming Facebook movie, which let me tell you was like Kryptonite for business.

No parking for blocks and blocks, tons of tourists just standing around taking photos of anything that moved – most of which was assistants grabbing coffee or gaffers doing what ever gaffers do and don’t get me started on the best boy…I’ve seen waaayyyy better!


Anyways, on to The Town. The Town was a lot of fun. If you live here you have a ton of oh shit khed, I know where that shit is, lil’ Mikey got wrapped up on that corner when he wuz 15 for pushin’ oxy to Big Tommy type moments. Our very own Harvard Square looked pretty good – I have no idea where they corralled the 30 crust punk pit rats for the week they were shooting at Cambridge Savings Bank, but they didn’t make any cameos. The movie was a good fast paced action flick with explosions and cop shooting and all that madness – plus we got a taste of the Irish Mob which Boston is so well known for and they definitely mixed in the history and current problem with a certain few drugs although I don’t know how much that will translate to mid-America who is still trying to figure out how you abuse this stuff…

The movie moved on without dragging too much but I will have to say when the big haul was gonna be Fenway I kind of laughed. Since I wasn’t born here, since I don’t really care that much for baseball, it kind of seemed comical, like you know how many townie boners I’m gonna stroke when I show them that I’m gonna pull a Ocean’s 11 on Fenway Park? Anyways, it didn’t ruin the movie or anthing, there were car chase scenes through the North End that were fucking awesome, and we got to hear 2 hours of Ben’s Boston accent which is always a good time. Worth the $11.50? Probably. But it didn’t matter to me. My boy pulled me the townie discount and let me, my lady and our friends in the back door. Then he hooked it up with all you could eat candy and cokes and shit. Now that’s how you do it in my Town!

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  1. nothing that i could pick up on during the theater version. there was one scene when ben was in charlestown with his best friend and they were next to the highway and I think we might be able to pause the dvd and give someone credit

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