February 2, 2023

Thief Getting Caught at Proletariat

You know, I never wanted to have CCTV cameras at the shop. I thought this was a place that people would respect, and the majority of you do – so thank you. But, every once in a while some hypebeast hipster walks in, acts like he’s one of us, and tries to pull a fast one. Dude, you are in a shop of fucking criminals. The last kid who tried to steal a skateboard got ridden down a flight of stairs like a fucking snowboard, and it wasn’t even by me – but by one of our awesome customers. Learn from his mistake.

In other news, another local retailer used their CCTV to catch to bumbling fools when they stole some $5000 tobacco accessories. Check this shit out as they drop half of them….

8 thoughts on “Thief Getting Caught at Proletariat

  1. “Dude, you are in a shop of fucking criminals.” ha ha you are so funny! what a fucking pussy. you should have spray painted his ugly fucking face!

  2. Yeah, we confronted him and got the shirt back. I think he thought he was super smooth and was gonna get away with it. Hopefully he learned his lesson. Let me say this though, I’m calling the cops on the next one and that will make for some awesome youtube! Nothing better than when teens get caught stealing and start crying…hahahaha

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