September 28, 2022

Spose | I’m Awesome

So my buddy Eric sent this video to me and I had no idea what was coming. It seems another awesome member of the Proletariat is doing big things in the music biz! First our homeys in Vanna and Passion Pit and of course Shuttle, and now Spose!

This video is an awesome homage to The Fresh Prince’s “Parents just don’t understand” with an awesome New England/Maine twist.

For those of you who don’t know, usually when clothing gets worn in a music video it’s because the clothing brand pays a publicist who knows someone and greases someone else’s palms and finally the artist gets a bunch of free shit and just picks the one they like the best out of a huge pile. Well, not Spose or Vanna or Shuttle. These guys have been with us from the start; they BUY their own clothing and we BUY their records. And we are stoked that they choose us to help represent them during their huge events. Which is why this Saturday is Spose Saturday. We want you to PAY for his music or better yet his music video. We want you to support him so badly that we are going to pay you to do so! How’s this going to work? Bring in your ipod, iphone, shitty ipod knockoff, or laptop, and show me that you downloaded his song (legally) or his video.


Flash the track or video and get $5 off any t-shirt in the shop. That’s right, just spend $1 on the song or $2 on the video (which is hilarious) and get $5 off any shirt in the shop!

And if you really want to hook a brother up, hit up WERS or FNX and let them know you want this mofo to make billions with his rap career. This is the perfect way to get T-pain off the air)


2 thoughts on “Spose | I’m Awesome

  1. i havent been on the blog in a hot minute, and now im bummed i didnt go watch his set @ Bamboozle this weekend! failblog

  2. That’s because you are a hater!!! I was waiting for your phone call and …..nothing…. 🙂 you better be passing math though or no Christmas for you!

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