February 2, 2023

Smoke Weed & Watch This | The Peanut Butter Solution

Some movies from your childhood just stick with you, and on rainy days they just rear their ugly heads. When I was a kid, I swear my grade school teachers only owned like 3 VHS tapes. The Neverending Story, The Secret of Nimh, and The Peanut Butter Solution. The Peanut Butter Solution is a movie about a bald kid who makes a potion out of peanut butter and then he can’t stop growing hair. Then this evil dude kidnaps and hypnotizes the kid and puts him into atrance and uses all of his hair to make magic paint brushes. This was one of those movies that was mad creepy as a kid, but I’m pretty sure now it is fucking hilarious and transparent that the writers, directors, and actors were seriously stoned. You need to watch this now!

My favorite line from T.P.B.S. was this epic moment where the kid stands up to his teacher who thinks he is disruptive and he says this:

Sir for two weeks now I’ve been bald. We did everything to get my hair back. Nothing worked. At last I tried this extremely dangerous mixture. It worked, but now my hair won’t stop. My only chance is for this guy to keep on cutting. Please let me stay, I want to be educated! Not just hairy…

As you can see this shit was up for a Best Picture Academy Award in 1985. 12 Thumbs up!

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