February 2, 2023

Short Documentary on Kerry and Proletariat by Ben Bocko

The Proletariat from Ben Bocko on Vimeo.

Ben was a customer of Proletariat and asked me if he could follow me around for a few months and document my life. I didn’t want to say yes, however, Ben was such a nice freaking dude that I thought why not. Here’s his take on the documentary…watch carefully, you might see yourself in this video!

Kerry Simon is the owner of a skateboard, clothing, and graffiti art supply store in Harvard Square. He started the business himself in 2004 and after much struggling, especially during the recession, he now seems to be successful. Something about him had always interested me. I wanted to know more about him, the guy that knows all the artists and supports the “rejected youth” with their right to free expression. So I started talking to him for the first time. I soon found out that he was planning to sell the shop and take off with his wife around the country. I didn’t know if he was giving up, starting something new, or wanting to become a hippy and live off the land. I had to know more.

With his permission, I documented parts of his last few months owning the shop and living in Boston. I wanted to portray Kerry’s vision of life, counter-culture, and the balance there must be between work and play. For him and his wife, its time for the play to kick in, which is why they’re saving money and taking to the road; enjoying their time together until they figure out their next move.

Includes video and stills. Audio sucks, but thats ok.

Thank you to Kerry and Gerald Hastings.

Summit by Daniel Striped Tiger
The Road by Matt Costa

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