February 3, 2023

Phoenix & Passion Pit at Central Park

Friday I got out of work and headed over to see our friends in Passion Pit perform a sold out show in Central Park with Phoenix. The show was great. It was my first time seeing Phoenix and they really killed it! Check out all of the videos below to see how the night progressed. Sorry about the lack of photos. We ended up not eating dinner and going straight to the after party. I am sure you can imagine what that does to a guy…..Makes you forget to do shit like take photos!

more videos below

Passion Pit – Make It Light

Phoenix – Lisztomania

I definitely should have gotten more video footage of the Phoenix set. It was really awesome and I think that is why I forgot about picking up the camera after Lisztomania. After the show, we rolled out to the after party at a club called SPIN. The club is supposedly owned by Susan Sarandon which would explain why she was at the band’s after party. So we rolled into this club after going through security and when we walk in there is some kind of dope ping pong tournament going on with some Asian girl dressed up as a furry animal reffing the match. Don’t believe me? Check out the video below.

ping pong @ the club

After this next shot, camera action ends for the evening

What you missed: Nate and team Passion Pit hooked it up with table service the entire night. Thanks guys for letting us drink so much of your booze! Sofia Coppala showed up which was pretty awesome and we drank for quite a while, until we realized we never ate dinner and we were starving. Nate, Caitlin, Lis and I all hit up the local Taco Bell/Pizza Hut and stuffed out faces until we couldn’t stuff them anymore. It was a great night! Thanks again to Nate and our friends in PP for letting us enjoy the fame. Now, go buy their record HERE.

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