March 23, 2023

PBaRt Battle #5 (FINAL BATTLE)

If you missed the last PBaRt battle you were probably the only one. This place was packed to the gills with people drinking Pabst and AMP and seeing what Talk is Cheap Crew had up their sleeves. First and foremost we owe this entire competition to a 17-year-old-girl, Keaton.

The intern I never had, Keaton contacted all the major players and got us deals with PBR, AMP, and RedBull. Keaton, I’m officially applying for a job for the year 2025 when you are running Canadamerico. (I would like to design our new currency please; no more pennies!) I would also like to thank Pabst Blue Ribbon for believing in us and hooking up this whole competition with cash for the artists, a nice grand prize as well as a rediculous amount of beer. Also big thanks to AMP energy and RedBull for giving the underage kids something to quench their thirst. Also, big thanks to all the artists who participated and put themselves out there as well as everyone who showed up and hung out. Also, thanks to River and Gabe for their awesome film skillz. It was another great event with more to come. Stay tuned to the blog because pretty soon I will ask all of YOU to vote on who won the contest and who gets all that cheddar.

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