June 8, 2023

Passion Pit DJ’s – Live at Sugar, Park City – Sundance 2012 – Photos & Video

First of all I would like to thank our boys Nate and Jeff for helping us bypass an incredibly long line in 12 degree weather last Saturday night. They were in town for Sundance 2012 to DJ for a huge crowd who paid on the low $40 a pop to see them spin. Thanks to the good people at Sugar for hooking it up with miles of free drinks and letting us party with the San Antonio Spurs Silver Dancers until the wee hours of the morning.

See you at Sundance 2013!

7 thoughts on “Passion Pit DJ’s – Live at Sugar, Park City – Sundance 2012 – Photos & Video

  1. This “concert” was deceptive bullshit. They sold tickets for several weeks as “Passion Pit” and then changed it to “Passion Pit DJ Set” on the day of the show. I will never go to this venue again.

  2. Oh, and the minor-league member of Passion Pit who acted as DJ wasn’t even good at it. It was HILARIOUS to watch the crowd thin out as tons of people fled this horrible club in disappointment.

  3. I came for Nate Donmoyer who spins for Ninja Tune under the name Shuttle. He was the 2nd dj and is phenom! You must have seen Jeff and I don’t know his “dj” name. Listen to the song tunnel by shuttle.

  4. Yeah I went to this show. It was a regular club playing regular club music.. Oh yeah did I mention I paid $40 to get in and my friends and I had to wait outside in the “12” degree weather for 30 minutes like it was nothing… NEVER going back there.

  5. I was very surprised to see people waiting in line for 30 minutes after paying $40 for a ticket. Then, when we got in the door, there were another 40 or so people waiting on the staircase. Some dude was getting bounced out while we were going in because he didn’t know it was the Passion Pit Dj’s playing he thought it was the band…seems like a clusterfuck. It wasn’t my kind of bar anyways, paying for bottle service to me is a joke, however, for those of us who knew it was dj’s, the dj’s did their job and it was good.

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