March 27, 2023

Passion Pit, Brahms & Tragedy

Untitled from THAT'S THE HOOKUP on Vimeo.

Sunday night we headed out to see our boys in Passion Pit perform their third consecutive sold out show at Terminal 5. One major highlight of the evening was Brahms, check out the video above. Brahms consists of Aloha drummer and solo musician Cale Parks a long with two very talented Brooklyn musicians Eric Lyle Lodwick and Drew Montag Robinson. Their set set was quite impressive. Check out their Myspace for more jams. Passion Pit video below

Untitled from THAT'S THE HOOKUP on Vimeo.

I never thought I would see something as awesome as this before and then came TRAGEDY, the METAL Bee Gees cover band! No need to explain, watch the video and see how amazing they are!

Untitled from THAT'S THE HOOKUP on Vimeo.

Passion Pit came out and rocked the crowd of over 3,000 people! It was the first time I have seen them perform with a proper touring lighting rig and they did an awesome job choosing theirs. The set was great, watch the video. Thanks to the band for hooking us up with all access passes. 🙂

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