June 6, 2023

NUGFLIX | 21 Jumpstreet: Mean Streets and Pastel Houses

Sometimes you just want to get stoned and watch A-N-Y-T-H-I-N-G! Next time this happens (later today) I urge you to go to Hulu and watch 21 Jumpstreet S01E13. This episode is amazing for a few reasons… First, Johnny Depp goes undercover¬†into the underground punk rock scene and his backstory is he is from Oklahoma and his name is Tom. How punk rock is that? Then after a few good slamdances and stagedives he gets down with the local gang called the kkk. Seriously. Not sure if they are affiliated with the racist hate organization, but judging by their pussyness I’m gonna guess no. As an added bonus Jason Priestly is in the gang so you know they are hard as hell and his name is Tober, named after his favoite month of course, because he is so punk rock! The main story line includes a special guest appearance by the Smoking Man, which for X-Files fans kind of seems like the scariest Calculus teacher of all time. The music is provided by Agent Orange which is pretty badass, way better than the bands the O.C. used to toss up in the end of all their episodes. If you make it through this episode you will get to hear this amazing line from a hardcore punk rock gang-member after the evil leader leaves the scene of a party in a public park where cops came in with batons and tear gas.

So lance is going to jail? Good gull-darn riddance.

Gull-darnit that’s some powerful shit! I got a feeling I will be watching more 21 Jumpstreet in the near future. It’s too good, dag-nabbit!

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