February 1, 2023

New Spose track | We Hate Money

A rap song that isn’t bragging about having a bunch of shit made by “the man?” Preposterous! Spose released another track on iTunes last night and we had to check it out. It’s the follow up track to “I’m Awesome,” his first mainstream hit that is approaching 3 million video views on Youtube!

That’s almost 3 times “Shrimp on a Treadmill” which in my opinion is comedy gold!

Anyways, the new track is called “We Hate Money,” and it is just as witty and intellectual as it is fun and simple. I think Spose is writing songs like Simpsons episodes; if you just want to have a good time and possibly a laugh then it is right there for you, or if you want to dissect the world’s problems while drinking a 40oz with a Harvard professor you could do that too. Love it or hate it, I hope Spose sticks around, because he’s one of the only artists right now saying what needs to be said, not what wants to be heard.

Here’s a live performance of the new track at Bamboozled. I don’t actually know Spose, but much like Dubya, he seems like a good dude to share a beer with.

One thought on “New Spose track | We Hate Money

  1. Hey,
    I know spose personally, he is deff a great hardworking guy whos trying to make a living doing what he loves. Who doesent like a good laugh or two! i hope he gets even bigger and makes everyone relize there is a bright side to everything. keep it up spose

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