June 8, 2023

Must see Christmas Movies!


I fucking love Christmas. I instantly get into a good mood which I’m not supposed to be in because it is freezing cold and it gets dark outside at 4pm. Some of you are having problems getting into the Christmas spirit so I have compiled a list of movies that are sure to get you there! This list is sort of an alternative list-I’m assuming you know to watch Elf, A Christmas Story, It’s a Wonderful Life, etc.

First up in no particular order we have Gremlins! What’s better than a little creature with a mohawk smoking cigarettes and tampering with an old lady’s stair climbing chair?

Next we have an amazing performance by Bill Murray in his movie Scrooged. This beats the shit out of What About Bob!

I have a few words of wisdom to impart on you…Yippee-ki-yay Motherfucker!!! That’s right before there was a vengeance we had Die Hard. On man with glass in his feet takes down Hans Gruber and all his terrorist homeys!

If you need a good date movie to make yourself look sensitive without wanting to hang yourself watch Love Actually! It has Hugh Grant, which the girl’s love, and this elf-looking kid and it’s pretty funny. Also, Hans Gruber from Die Hard cheats on his wife with a hot chick that is dressed like the devil. There’s a good scene with that chick from 24 and her two insanely hot roommates wanting to have a foursome with an awkward Brit as well.

Finally, if you are into bad horror you have to watch Silent Night, Deadly Night. What’s scarier than a killer Santa, creepy 80’s kids, and non-HD quality video?

4 thoughts on “Must see Christmas Movies!

  1. Good call on Scrooged, that’s been one of my favorite holiday movies since I was a kid. Fuck yeah! What about A Christmas Story?

  2. A Christmas Story is a must see for everyone, but I figured most people watch that on their own every year. I have to skip a year because TBS ruins it for me when they play it 24-7 on Christmas Day.

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