February 2, 2023



So maybe Osama Bin Laden was actually trying to do us a favor and he just missed…MTV just released their newest derivative of the Real World with their new series Jersey Shore. If you want to watch a bunch of Guidos guido out all guido-like then this is the show for you brah! Go get a spray-tan (twice), whiten your teeth (three times), sag your True Religion’s to show off your shaved man-bush, and dip your head in Elmer’s glue.

6 thoughts on “MTV’s JERSEY SHORE | HOLY SHIT, kill me now

  1. This show is the greatest sack of shit to ever hit TV. There isnt a fucking braincell between these retards

  2. The sad part is that none of these people are even from Jersey!!! Even worse they are representing a state that many people are born and raised in and from and didn’t do all the stupid stuff these people do. Again, aside from all the crap they do now along with big hair, fake tans, bright pink nails, aqua-net, big hair, hot pink wet-n-wild lipstick and blue eyeliner was done back in the 80’s but also died in the 80’s – agreed, guidos yes, but all disappeared when Iroc’s and Vanilla Ice did. Season 3- don’t think they will make it that far, just like one hit wonders!!!

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