March 21, 2023

Montana Spray Paint back in Boston at Proletariat

Montana White Label

Got the brand spankin’ new Montana White Series in today. This is Montana’s answer to Ironlak. It is a high quality gloss spray paint similar to the old black series. It comes in about 40 colors and uses all the caps you are used to on Montana. We also got a restock in Montana’s black label, which has a multitude of colors, all flat paint, and nice low pressure.

Montana Black Label!

Got the tall 600ml chromes, liquid tar, and the jumbo 750ml monsters!!!!

Huge Montana Cans Chrome

Gotta rock the pockets!

Montana Pocket Cans

Montana ballpoints and squeezers….

Empty Montana Markers

Thought I’d take a chance on this Glow in the Dark KRYLON!

Huge Montana Cans Chrome

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