June 8, 2023

Miike Snow – Live at Mercury Lounge


Last night I went to see Miike Snow at Mercury Lounge. Miike Snow is a three piece group of producers from Sweden, who outside of their band, are most well known for writing the Brittney Spears single Toxic (they DON’T sound like Brittney Spears). Last night they played a great set, though a little short, still entertaining. I actually enjoyed the arrangements of the live set more so than on the record. I love the record but the energy of the live show mixed with the heavy electro inspired interludes made it for me. The group had three additional players on stage with them last night which you will see (kinda) on the two videos below, Animal & Silvia


If you like these jams then support Miike Snow and pick up a copy of their new album on Downtown Records.

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