February 8, 2023

Mates of State 2011 Tour : Live Video From Salt Lake City

Mates of State have been a huge part of Leslie and my relationship. After starting my first vintage shop in Texas, I used to meet with bands I admired and swap clothing for merch. I became friendly with Josh Berwanger of The Anniversary, and chilled with him every time he came through Austin, and on one of those tours his opening band was Mates of State. I was instantly hooked as was Leslie and I don’t think we’ve missed a tour since. The music is energetic and the stage presence of the husband and wife duo can’t be beat. Here’s a few live videos I shot that night, plus their recent appearance on David Letterman. It’s good to see them moving up in the ranks; after 14 years I would say they have paid their dues and then some.

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