February 2, 2023

Machete… WATCH IT NOW!

This movie is the absolute shit! I went and saw it Sunday night for a brodown hodown and my mind is still blown. It was a great mix of action, B-movie acting (in a purposeful way), sex, and a great main plot. This movie is supposed to be Robert Rodriguez’s, the director, outrage to the shit that is going down in Arizona. It deals with some pretty serious issues of immigration and how people are treated in this country within a broken system. All this being wrapped in some seriously over the top action. I’d much rather see this than the visual diarrhea that was dinner for schmucks. Although you might want to drop your lady off at Eat Pray Love, if she is not into awesome action movies.
Here is the line up that you’ll see in the movie.

Danny Trejo plays the movie main character and this dude is so scary rad. As a young kid Trejo committed many petty little crimes in California. This caught up to him when he was sentenced to a “lengthy time” in jail due to an undisclosed charge. In prison he won many titles as a prison boxer. So you know this dude has seen some shit, which makes it waaaayyy more badass.
The rest of the cast is pretty damn spot on.

Don’t let Lindsay Lohan sway you into not seeing it, she plays a role that is tailor made for that crazy bitch.

That image should tip the scales right there!
Here is the trailer for good measure.

Go see that shit now!

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