February 1, 2023

Long Live Fingerboarding!

Had the chance to chat with Harald Schoen and Mike Schneider yesterday at the shop. You might know who these guys are, but if you ever played with a Tech Deck, these dudes are the Tony Hawk’s of fingerboarding! Mike is 15 and is from Boston and owns his own Fingerboard company, manufacturing them in his basement and making a mint online. Harald is from Berlin, owns his own company and is sponsored so he flies around the world doing events. I know it seems crazy, but you can’t help but have a good time watching these guys bust crazy tricks with a mini skateboard in a mini park. Check out these KingPen ESCOBAR grinds and watch them on Youtube!

And check out this video – it’s an instant classic. Any documentary filmmakers out there? This is the next cult film!

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