February 5, 2023

Inside Mike Tyson’s Abandoned Ohio Mansion | Photos!

Who doesn’t love Mike Tyson? The dude made one of the dopest video games of all time. He has a face tattoo and he bit a dude’s ear off. Plus, back in the day he sold his mansion to some guy who got investigated by the FBI and the mansion ended up vacant. If you want to see the inside of Tyson’s abandoned crib click here

What a DOPE fucking living room! This is how I want the rich and famous to live. I can only imagine the cocaine highway getting snorted in this place in its heyday!

When you spend your whole life fighting at Ceasar’s Palace you probably think your home should look just as ridiculous! I for one love it!

Is it just me or was this the exact swimming pool from Cocoon?

It always amazes me how quickly nature can take over man made shit.

I don’t know why, but this picture just makes me kind of sad.

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