June 8, 2023

GTA V | Grand Theft Auto 5 Trailer & Screenshots | Best Game Franchise of All Time

The reason I believe this video game is so good and so important is because it is a mirror to our society. Even if you don’t experience the violence or corruption on a personal level that this game displays, you definitely experience it through primetime dramas, news reports, and popular media. It’s the ultimate choose your own adventure. You don’t have to kill anyone in the game if you don’t want to. In fact you could just drive cars and take in the sights…but 99.9% of the players just can’t help themselves. So how is life any different?

After playing GTA for the first time ever at my buddy Cameron’s house, I sped out of his parking lot and got a ticket. The attention to detail in the game is mind-blowing…even the in-game entertainment like radio and tv is awesome! Here’s a few more screenshots from the trailer…

Migrant Workers getting sprayed by a crop-duster
Bank Robbers dressed as Exterminators
Homeless-trying to get by

When the shitstorm of complaining parents hits the media, and it will, I’d like to ask those people what they watch in the evening in front of their kids. News? Law & Order? CSI? What kind of movies do they go to? What do they do for a living? If this shit didn’t happen in real life there wouldn’t be games celebrating it.

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