October 1, 2022

G-Eazy – Runaround Sue ft. Greg Banks VIDEO

G-Eazy’s retro fun video for the track Runaround Sue f/ Greg Banks has been on repeat in my office for the last month! If you are not familiar with G-Easy check out his bio below taken from his web-site.

Yes. I’m the rapper you found on your girlfriend’s iPod and couldn’t help but say that shit is dope.
Yes. My life is a party.
Yes. I’m sicker then your average.
Yes. I’m white. Raised in Oakland and Berkeley, CA, currently chillin in New Orleans.
Yes. I’m in college. Trying to get it done…
Yes. I’m a big ass kid. Never really wanna grow up.
Yes. I wanna make millions one day and ball outrageous.
Yes. I make most of my own beats, and record all my shit in my bedroom.
Yes. I’m chill, but if you see me in public and try to approach me, if u get a weird vibe, I’m not tryna be hollywood its just I’m kinda socially awkward and don’t know how to take compliments. Thanks though.
Yes. I listen to The Beatles everyday.
Yes. I listen to a Tribe Called Quest everyday.
Yes. I spit. But if you see me at the club don’t ask me to battle. That shits annoying and I’m tryna chill.
Yes. I do a lotta shows, and perform with a live band. Those guys are dope as fuck.
Yes. I’ve opened up on tour for a lotta cool people.
Yes. I’ve self-released a lotta music so far. You can download it on iTunes or http://music.g-eazy.com
Yes. I do this. Get familiar.
@ Tha-Tha-That’s all folks!

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