June 10, 2023

Free Graffiti Film Screening | 5pm Today!!!

For those of you who want something worthwhile to do this afternoon, check out the FREE screening of Wholetrain . The director Florian Gaag dropped by the shop in person yesterday in order to reach out to all of us so we could see his awesome film.

With his fantastic cinema debut WHOLETRAIN Florian Gaag tells the story of a crew of four writers – David, Tino, Elyas and Achim – who observe the hierarchies, the values, the rules and the codes of the graffiti scene. Night after night they make off for the subway stations of the city, intent on leaving opulent images behind. But as another crew appears on the scene, and the four feel challenged, a creative battle ensues, one that will change the lives of these young people for ever. They are confronted with life taken to the limit. Constantly on the edge of legality. Always on the run from the law.

MONDAY, FEBRUARY 22, 5:00 pm at:

Goethe-Institut Boston
170 Beacon Street
Boston, MA 02116
(617) 262-6050
Director Florian Gaag in Person
Special Guest: KET (NYC)

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