June 10, 2023

FNX Miracle on Tremont Street recap

passion pit backstage orpheum

Last night Nate and the boys were kind enough to give Leslie and I All-Access passes to the sold out FNX Christmas show featuring Passion Pit, Phoenix, and Spoon. The crowd was stoked-the show has been sold out for months-and the Orpheum was alive. This was our view from backstage.

I took the liberty of filming this video and was worried that any minute some powerful dude was going to grab my camera and shame me off the stage. But just like my old construction buddies Bruno and Red Dog used to say “Kerry! Don’t be a pussy-just walk in like you own the place.” Of course this was their advice to a 16-year-old from the burbs on how to get into a strip club, but it seems to keep working in weird situations as I age. Anyways, that’s what I did and here’s a video for all of you to enjoy. Thanks Bruno and Red Dog! I’m glad I didn’t take any other advice from y’all — EVER!!!!!

Here’s Nate (the drummer of Passion Pit, a.k.a. Shuttle) and I drinking $45 Miller Lite’s. (Dude has great taste in t-shirts too!)

me and nate

Passion Pit opened up for Phoenix who opened for Spoon and everyone sounded amazing. When the show ended we had to head over to the Good Life and have some drinks with Peter the owner because that bar is a second home for the crew. Stephen Konrads was there in full effect. Expect big things from him and his girlfriend in the near future.

goodlife gang

Later on we ended up at some hotel after party hosted by the good people at FNX. I hung out with Special Ed from the Sandbox and relived my past life as an on-air personality. We all questioned why he would choose a name that pretty much ensures him never getting to second base, but he has a girlfriend so she must be a better person than all of us! Being on air isn’t easy-waking up at 4am, trying to be funny when your eyes are burning and you are still half-drunk from the night before… That’s actually why I started the shop-WAY LESS WORK for starters, plus I got fired (THANKS CLEAR CHANNEL YOU PRICKS!) Anyways, I would like to tell you more about the night but things got super hazy around this point…It was an awesome night-raging with good friends-acting foolish as hell. Thanks again Nate-I promise next time you can go to bed and not fly hungover but I also promise that probably won’t happen 🙂

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