September 28, 2022

Embrace the Rain, it is helpful and hilarious

If you don’t have an umbrella, get one. Unless you want to be cooped up inside until Sunday. I know it sucks to get wet, but once you embrace it you realize this means Spring is coming and it isn’t 14 degrees outside anymore! I found 10 facts about rain, some of which are kind of interesting and others which seemed like filler so this could have 10 facts…

Now that you have learned something enjoy these clips and be thankful this didn’t happen to you…

If you ever wonder why there is a camera crew filming a large puddle, stop and ask before driving into it.

This next one is the definition of Karma and this dude must have done something pretty awful.

And finally, the return of Urkel! When is this guy going to start playing college Spring breaks?

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