December 5, 2022

Digital Graveyard:

One of the many days I spent hanging out at Proletariat, talking to Kerry about shop playlists, he told me about this internet radio called WOXY. WOXY was what used to play when he was too lazy to put a playlist together, but still wanted all the cool guy Harvard Square points he could get.
Two years later, my freshman year of college, I finally gave WOXY a spin; and it was a serious love connection. I didn’t even touch my iPod or iTunes for the four months  WOXY and I had our thing. WOXY was everything I could ever ask for in a playlist, a radio station, even my own collection of music! They had an app for iPhone that literally controlled my life, where they would have blocks where they played only unsigned artists and local artists, they would do badass in-studio sessions, and put together the first showcase I went to at my first SXSW. WOXY was the shit.

Sadly, when I returned from Austin in 2010, I heard actual radio silence; something that I didn’t even realize was a real thing. (I’m a 90’s kid, give me a break). WOXY was over and done with and had shut themselves off. I totally cried about it a little bit, and tweeted my sorrows away, @ replying @Shivy like a Bieber fangirl.
For the past two years, the WOXY website has stayed alive on the WWW, choc’ full of old playlists and in-studio sessions to download and listen to, but according to @WOXY it will be taken down in a matter of days.

That being said, I would highly recommend heading over to and downloading some of the studio sessions. My favorites include The Antlers and Portugal.the Man.

Actually, no. If you really want to have a slightly passé (it is from 2009) but entirely awesome playlist, just go to their Best of 2009 page, and relive that one time Etan wore a Proletariat tee on late night TV, all while learning the worlds to The First Record your favorite buzz band put out.

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