February 3, 2023

Defining Graffiti


I think it is time for someone smarter than me to redefine the term graffiti. But since, I don’t know anyone smarter than me, I will attempt this feat on my own. 🙂 The reason this is coming up is because I spend hours a day on the net searching for new graffiti photos and stories and the problem is today’s reporter doesn’t SEE the difference.
They will write stories about kids throwing up anti-semetic graffiti in the form of swasticas, etc., which is something 99.9% of graffiti artists would never do-I call this vandalism (and a hate crime.) Or they will write stories about bathroom graffiti-which in my book really falls more underneath the umbrella of vandalism too. Graffiti should be defined as an (illegal) art form, much like cubism or pointilism. On the simple end it is someone’s signature aka a tag. Now for those of you who don’t do graffiti, you might think there is no art form whatsoever in tags, but that is bullshit. A graffiti artist spends hours, days, and years, perfecting his or her tag-which is what makes it art.

Now, another form of graffiti would be the piece aka the masterpiece. This is a form of graffiti that begins as a painstaking sketch on paper that is then mimicked and reproduced on a large scale. Graffiti artists want to share their skills with anyone who will view the piece and most pieces cost the artist in the neighborhood of $50 per, which is not short money for something that might get covered up by another artist or the city. Anyways, I know most of you reading this are educated in the differences; I’m just tired of racists and idiot kids adding to our already “bad name.”

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