February 4, 2023

Cinco de SHUTTLE!

Etan and his vinyl

Our good friend Nate, aka SHUTTLE will be performing live on his birthday, May 5th, at the Good Life in Boston. You know we will be there, Nate will be there, and the Petron will be flowing! Come celebrate Cinco de Mayo with us in style! Now, in order to celebrate this amazing day with a bit of intelligence, we need to study Nate Donmoyer and Cinco de Mayo independently.

Cinco de Mayo is a celebration in honor of the Mexicans winning a battle against the French back in 1862. It’s really not that huge of a holiday in Mexico, and the only reason it is huge here is because the beer companies needed another St. Paddy’s Day. But, with that said, I think it is a great day to join forces and party with our Mexican-American brethren who have been getting the short end of the stick for a long time now. Especially with the immigration issue in Arizona, this is a year that people need to realize that we are all immigrants to this country (unless you are Native American, and then I apologize for EVERYTHING) and it is up to us to HELP our immigrant friends become Americans. How can they learn the language and our customs if they can’t get naturalized?

Anyways, on to the history of Shuttle. I don’t know everything about Nate, and my memory is shit so I am going to wing this one. (Nate you really need a Wikipedia page) Anyways, I met Nate while he was attending college at Berklee. Nate is a quiet dude, super-intelligent, and very loyal to his friends. He would offer anyone a leg up if he could and he is way too talented in the field of music and music production. When I first met Nate he performed/recorded under the name Etan and he created “Bring the War Home” for us, an amazing mixtape that brought the current electronic music wave to Boston. Hands down. We sold hundreds of these mixes out of Proletariat introducing kids and adults to this crazy new sound including Justice. Anyways, Nate played in a Boston band called the Peasantry, managed by TTHU BOSS Joseph Pepin. Then Nate remixed a bunch of shit, got noticed by London label NINJATUNE and was signed right out of college to a record deal. Not long after, Nate joined Passion Pit and drummed up some serious success there. Nate will be turning 23 on Wednesday and you will regret not seeing him live. So don’t be a bitch, I don’t care f you have to work the next day – I do too! (at noon)

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