September 28, 2022

Choose Your Own Adventure: Advertisements

So I was thinking last night how much music conveys emotion and how advertisers are always trying to nail that feeling and demographic to represent their product. I had been putting together a Christmas Ad just for fun and kept playing with switching the music around to see which song I liked the best. I then started thinking about how big companies spend millions of dollars trying to get into our brains and lots of times they succeed and we don’t even realize it. So, I put together 4 different versions of our ad to show you how this works…

This one’s for the urban hipsters!

This one’s for the stoners!

Here’s one from the future! Our friend SHUTTLE loaned us an upcoming track for the video.

Finally, here’s the one that I intended to make from the beginning…

One thought on “Choose Your Own Adventure: Advertisements

  1. The last video ‘is not available in your country due to copyright restrictions’. WTF?

    Also, I protest that the stoner edition does not feature stoner rock. ;P

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