February 3, 2023

Artists You Should Know | Craola | Best Ever | Vhils | Iemza

This weeks AYSK has got some serious BANGERS! First up we have Best Ever. They are a duo from the UK area. These dudes have so much can control it blows my mind. This mix of gritty abstract shapes, portraits, and subject matter all combine for a stunning ass result.

Next Up is Iemza. This person, not too much out there on this guy, but the pieces are awesome. The mix of the grungy black and bright colors are pretty refreshing to see in the street game and the location of his pieces are on point! Most of the work is based out of france.

Next we have Greg “Craola” Simkins. This dude’s style is a great mix of outrageous characters and some hyper realism. Its crazy to see that he is just as good with a brush as he is as good with a can. He has done a shit ton for upper playground, check the vids on upperplaygrounds youtube channel. He recently graced the cover of juxtapoze magazine.

Lastly we have, Vhils. This dude thinks about his environments in a completely different way. The way he works is by chiseling out portraits on the sides of buildings, leaving the remnants on the sidewalk below. All of his pieces are beautiful and are like nothing else on the street. Although i think most of his work is commissioned, if not, MAD PROPS!

That is it for this installment of AYSK. Till next week bitches! RECOGNIZE!

7 thoughts on “Artists You Should Know | Craola | Best Ever | Vhils | Iemza

  1. That last one by Vhils is my favorite by far. Here’s my complaint about Juxtapoz. I feel like they love all that dreamy ass art shit and cartoony shit over some real gritty shit. I don’t read the mag every month so maybe I just haven’t seen the hardcore shit. As for the cupcakes mural I am so fucking Goddamn tired of fucking cupcakes. Are we seriously that fucking sad as a culture that we gotta rep a dessert on all of our shit? Why aren’t we drawing tacos? Tacos are way more bomb then fucking cupcakes. RACISTS!!!!! hahahahhaha (kind of)

  2. I agree with that shit. Juxtapoze does a great job of exposing new artists, but the artists that you’re really interested in are usually the shortest stories in there. I guess when you are trying to sell the dying art of a magazine to the consumer, you have to play with what is happening in culture today. And today’s culture is all about the tasty treats KHED! PS Super food is coming, very soon. You will get your Taco!

  3. NO WAY! I LOVE SUPERFOOD! Fuck Juxtapoz. I only get my art news from ARTISTS YOU SHOULD KNOW!!!!!!

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