February 1, 2023

Artists You Should Know

This week’s lineup is a special wheatepaste edition. First up we have Dan Witz. This dude is an all around badass artist and rad dude. He creates site specific pieces that enhance any place he puts them. His mix of realism and creativity make cities that much better. Sidenote, he is a pretty damn good oil painter…

Next up is Gaia. Talent oozing out the pooper. The hand drawn aspect of each wheatpaste make the pieces that much more special. In my opinion if you aren’t stenciling, drawing, painting, or having some hand made aspect to your paste and just printing it out on a plotter, shits a joke.

Lastly, we have Swoon. She has been in the game for a good few years. She has had numerous shows all over the country and is doing big things with the swimming cities of switch back sea. Her wheatepastes have such a beautiful and delicate quality to the them, which you rarely see in the street are game. Her style lends itself to its surrounding and truly make an impact on the viewer.

That’s it for this installment of AYSK, till next week. Recognize!

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