February 3, 2023

Artists You Should Know | Boogie, JR, Boxi | Photos & Stencils

This weeks line up is packed with photographs, wheatpastes, and stencils. First up is Boogie. He has the strange capability of going in the scariest / most violent places and is granted free range to take photos of their lives. He shoots strictly in black and white which in my opinion, makes his work that much more special. I have selected a few of these jammers to present to you, although there are a shit ton to go through on his site.

Up next is JR. This dude also shoots in black and white, but takes it to another level with his LARGE scale wheatpastes. His work truly has an impact on his surroundings and speak volumes for the people he shoots. This shit is straight inspiration! This series is from the Images Festival in Switzerland.

JR / Exposition Paris 2009 – Ile Saint Louis
Uploaded by JR. – Arts and animation videos.
Lastly, we have Boxi. This dude is on another level with his stencil game. His use of monochromatic colors is spot on and the amount of detail he gets is just mind blowing!

The story behind this piece makes it that much more ill… “A young couple who tried to elope in one of the most lawless and conservative parts of Afghanistan have been publicly? executed by Taliban gunmen after their parents handed them over to be tried by insurgents. Gul Pecha, in her late teens, and her boyfriend Abdul Aziz, 21, were shot by a firing squad outside a mosque in their home village of Lokhi on Monday.The couple had fled to a nearby village and were planning to start a life together…
The Guardian, 15th April 2009”
That is it for this weeks addition of AYSK. Stay tuned for another AYSK jammer at the end of the week. Recognize!

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  1. Thanks! I don’t know what you guys are talking about, i know when i am down, all i want to look at is crackwhores and poverty…

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