February 9, 2023

Artists You Should Know

Here is another installment of AYSK, just to make you realize how much you suck at art. First up is Jeremy Geddes.
These paintings are NOT PHOTOGRAPHS! This dude absolutely kills it with oil painting techniques. It takes him about a good 6 months to finish a piece. For most of you that is about as long as you and your girlfriend will stay together.

Full View

Next up we have Mr Gauky. This dude has the illest characters, line weight, and color combos that will put anyone to shame. Reminds me of that gritty cartoon style of Ren and Stimpy. But i digress, this dude kills it with the illustration game and character game.

Lastly we have Jeremy Fish. This dude has been in the art game for longer than moses. He has done numerous shirts for Upper Playground, an abundant amount of skate decks, and a shit ton of gallery shows.

Ill Timelapse!

I hope your mind is sufficiently blown, stay tuned till next week for another installment of AYSK. RECOGNIZE!

One thought on “Artists You Should Know

  1. Nice post holmes! That first dude and Jessica Hess should get married and give birth to a cash cow.

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