December 8, 2022

Artist Spotlight | Mord Fustang

Estonian born producer Mord Fustang has had the electronic music community talking about his unique blend of electro house that he describes as An adventurously nude fluctuant immaculate rainbow-coated thunderstorm with arpeggios, 1-up mushrooms and disco basslines, plus a wobble or two (via). I’m a fan. Check out some of his tunes below and you may become one too!

Mord Fustang – A New World by Mord Fustang

Mord Fustang – Super Meat Freeze by Mord Fustang

Mord Fustang – Magic Trooper by Mord Fustang

Mord Fustang – Lick The Rainbow by Mord Fustang

Follow him on Facebook, Twitter, and most importantly check out more of his tracks on Sound Cloud.

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