June 4, 2023

A Wish For Fire at the Middle East & the Bar Breathalyzer Game

Justin & Kerry

Big Jus, J.P., Leslie and I met up at the Middle East to see our friend Owen’s band: A Wish For Fire. It was their cd release party and they packed the place out. I wish I could have taken a photo of the split though, because A Wish For Fire definitely brought in the most people that night. Ellen was there checking on Justin’s new Proletariat tattoo!

Justin & Ellen

The crowd was bumpin, head bangin, mosh pittin’, crowd surfin, etc.

A Wish For Fire

The King of Beers was there…

Delicious Budweiser Tall Boy

So was the King of Blogs!

Justin and Buddy

And the band played on…

A Wish For Fire

Thanks to A Wish For Fire for the signed cds and the good vibrations…and make sure you always designate a driver.

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