May 28, 2023

6 Must Listen to Podcasts: Cars, News, Comedy, Music

There is so much media out these days it is hard to consume it all, so I have taken the time to filter out a few podcasts that are proven winners. Your interests might not be the same as mine, but if you like any of the subjects I am covering, you will definitely like these podcasts.

1. NPR Car Talk Podcast: for those who like Cars & New England

Basically just a recording of each week’s latest episode of the popular call-in show Car Talk aka Click & Clack the Tappert brothers. The most amazing thing about this podcast is you don’t actually have to like cars to listen to this show. Somehow brothers Tom & Ray, can talk about pretty boring things like CV joints, and keep you laughing and entertained with their somewhat nerdy, Dad-like jokes. I’ve been listening to this show since I was about 10 years old, and I know for a fact it has taught me some decent troubleshooting on my own vehicular problems. The beauty of the podcast is now you don’t have to wake up at 8am on a Saturday to catch it!

2. The Adam Corolla Show: For people who like witty, sometimes disgusting, off-color humor

The Adam Corolla Show is the number 1 downloaded podcast on iTunes, an amazing feat since many people have no idea who the hell Adam Corolla is. Adam Corolla is a comedy genius. I don’t believe in a lot of the shit he says, but the way he says it is always hilarious, and let’s face it-he’s a comedian, not a role model. The beauty of this show is it is daily, so if you need a good laugh and a consistent experience this one is for you. (BTW, if you want to see a future Adam Corolla in the making read my old friend Rob Heppler’s blog. When he isn’t out trying to /getting famous, this dude has made me crap my pants on a number of occasions.)

3. Real Time with Bill Maher: for people with liberal views who don’t want to have to look at Bill Maher

I love this show. It is a current events/humor program, heavier on the current events unlike John Stewart’s show which I would say leans more towards humor (also a great show.) Anyways, each week Bill Maher has some pretty serious government guy or scientist, as well as a panel of reporters and celebrity guests. He then leads a roundtable discussion, which is interesting because you learn a lot about news as well as people. Plus, this show is broadcast on HBO, so at least there is a way to hear it for free. Listen for the “New Rules” section at the end…shit always cracks me up.

4. Solid Steel Podcast: for people who like DJ’s and electronic music

I can’t remember who turned me onto this one, but I think it was someone in Project SF, so thanks again! Have you ever wished you had your own personal DJ who made killer sets for you weekly? Once a week the good people at Ninja Tune Records deliver a tasty mix into your computer free of charge. If this sounds good to you check out any mix by DJ Moneyshot. Shit is FIRE! The newest episode #132 is a massive video mashup and episode #125 blew one of my speakers in the Jeep! Great SHIT!

5. The Dinner Party Download: for people who wish they were invited to dinner parties

I like this show for a number of reasons. It has a great theme and flow. The show always has the same outline which follows the outline of a typical dinner party: ice-breakers, headlines, small-talk, art, and a new song to listen to on your way home. It’s only 15 minutes long, but feels so much longer…just like most dinner parties! Thanks to Chicago comedian, Cameron Goldapp, for the heads up.

6.The Alex Jones Show: for when you want to question everything and simultaneously feel a bit crazy and scared

Sometimes I agree 100% with A.J. and other times I worry about him, but he always makes you think and question, so I get on board every-once-in-a-while. If you have serious time on your hands (his shows are 3 hours daily) and have a stable mind (shit gets weird!) this might be the show for you. Expect a lot of commercials on survivial foods.




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