February 4, 2023

2010 Skate and Create | The Best Skate Videos Ever

Transworld skateboarding is currently holding a contest called SKATE AND CREATE to see which company can come up with the most creative skate video with the same location, cameras, ramps, and their choice of team riders that consist of 4 pros and 2 ams. The 4 companies picked where Fallen, Lakai, Adidas, and Etnies. Here are all the entries to it.

Personally i am going for the Lakai video, although Fallen had some crazy technical skating, and the Etnies did have a pretty ill throwback video. Decide for yourself! The winner will be announced in the October issue of Transworld.

2 thoughts on “2010 Skate and Create | The Best Skate Videos Ever

  1. The Etnies video was “cute” but I’m ready for this new generation to find their own fucking history. Quit doing throwbacks and biting old shit. We are living in the fucking future and yet everything is from the 80’s. My vote goes to Fallen because it seemed to have the most effort, although I think they should have gone with some more psychedelic tunes. I swear if one of those companies gave me $1000 and access to pros and a camera crew we could have made a video 10 times as good as all that garbage.

  2. as far as the contest goes, etnies shouldnt win, but what I do like about the video, it reminds me of the old underground warehouse skate parks that are built by skaters, free to skate, in some old abandon warehouse… pretty cool

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