June 6, 2023

TONIGHT IN BOSTON! Making Dollars Opening Reception – DON’T MISS THIS.

So guys and gals, I know you live in Boston so you have ample things to do tonight. Drinking, yelling, fighting…the usual. Or…you could check out an amazing art show curated by our close friend Kristen Warwuck. Making Dollars features eleven artists whose works address value systems: offering a range of personal responses to how business is conducted today. Conceived as an art “scavenger hunt”, the exhibition will occupy the fourth floor of CIC with works integrated into the function of conference rooms, meeting areas, hallways, and other common office areas. It’s an amazing concept with awesome artists, and I am sad I wont be there – however, if you also live outside of Boston, you can be sure we will have a recap here on TTHU.

Be there. 5-8PM at the Cambridge Innovation Center!

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