March 27, 2023

The Collection | Yum Yum Vinyl

I am a huge fan of Vinyl (of the toy variety) and my collection seems to be growing and growing as of late. Like my collection, this section will be a reoccurring section. This time we have 5 vinyl toys from YUM YUM, which I previously posted about here.

I was STOAKED when my packaged arrived. One thing that I love is attention to detail, and that is one thing Yum Yum does very well. They even have branded tape!! Take note to how each box has its own color and design.

For their first run of figures, these toys are awesome. Sure some of the paint might be a little off, but for the money (about $96) that is some serious bang for your buck.

The Full Set

And as an added bonus they threw in a print! SO RAD!

Really looking forward to what they come out with next!


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