March 25, 2023

LED Dresses By Ariana Paoletti & Michael Potvin Debut at Vice’s Party

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The awesome LED designed dresses you are viewing are a collaboration between fashion designer and Stylist Ariana Paoletti (DJ VolVox) and creative developer Michael Potvin who are both based out of the Moon II Collective in Brooklyn, NY. I know Ariana personally so when I saw these designs online I had to hit her up for some more info. Ariana designed and made the dresses and Michael Potvin fitted them with the animated LED electronics and programmed their movements. The duo exhibited these futuristic dresses at VICE’s relaunch party for When asked what we can look forward to from the duo Ari said “we have a version designend that is wirelessly controllable for live light performance” and as someone who works in music I can say, to me, that is a very exciting element to bring to the space!

Follow Ariana on Twitter or Instagram: @djvolvox
Reach Michael at: michael [at]

More information, video and photos after the jump

Models: Christina Renée Jorro and Catey Carey

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