March 21, 2023
tthu thats the hook up kings ave tattoo alpha omega print buy art

Holiday Gift Ideas / Tattoo Edition

tthu thats the hook up kings ave tattoo alpha omega print buy art

Great. More tattoo stuff. You could have guessed I would do one of these.

The fact of the matter is, when I first got in to collecting I never knew the right places to look for quality tattoo art. Just like graffiti, there can be a huge injustice to the culture if the transition to T-shirt, print or gallery is done improperly. To save you all years of heartache here are some selections for great tattoo gifts that arent tattoo’s. And don’t bitch about the price, I’m broke too, these are almost all cheaper than a tattoo.

mike rubendall print alpha omega kings ave nyc tattoo art tthu thats the hook up

Mike Rubendall “Alpha Omega” print. Only $40.00, buy it Here.¬†or the T-shirt here.

hiroshi hirakawa print tattoo artHiroshi Hirakawa “Shrine” print. $110.00 Here.

dietzel tattoo flash book tthu thats the hook up

“These Old Blue Arms” book about the life of Ammund Dietzel. Here for $49.99.

tthu thats the hook up tattoo flash book

Spider Murphy’s book of tattoo flash. Simply amazing, even the title page is beautiful. Here for $249.99

johannes black stallion tattoo tthu thats the hook up indian flash

My friend Johannes of Black Stallion tattoo has an assortment of quality, well priced items here. I just bought the newly released butterfly set, show him some love.


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