June 9, 2023

Holiday Gift Ideas | 2012, A Year Of Unsolicited Advice & Anecdotes

2012  is quickly approaching, and with a new year comes that awkward period of using the “notes” section of your current planner to barely keep up with everything January throws at you. Fortunately, you do not have to worry. Adam J. Kurtz has a sassy little planner just waiting for you. Priced at merely $9 (shipping included), it makes a great gift for the holidays, or for yourself.

Personally, the last thing I’m doing on January 1st is opening up my agenda. But if for some reason I put down my super xxl gaucoloco burrito and try to focus on real life, at least I’ll have a mad-lib to take the edge off.

I’m glad the “remember to” page is at the end…’cause everyone knows that’s just for show.

Head on over to Kurtz’s website to order yourself the Charlie Brown of day planners, or check out his other quirky pieces for sale: http://www.adamjustkidding.com/store/

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