May 29, 2023

Evoker x Jay LaCouture Day of the Dead

Good friends of the blog Evoker and Jay LaCouture (Anti Design) have a new design that is sure to please the masses. The pair hailing out of the Project SF crew have teamed up to bring you this beautiful T.

Here is their write up:

Artist and designer Evoker and Boston-based screenprinter and artist Jay LaCouture are teaming up for the release of the third installment of Evoker’s Day of the Dead design tees. The two have worked together several times before, with Evoker in the roster of contributing artists to Lacouture’s t-shirt design company, AntiDesigns. The Day of the Dead design has become a tradition for the two artists, previously released in two variants over the last few years. Starting on September 7, this design will be available in a new variant and four new colorways, two chosen by Evoker and two by LaCouture.

This release is a friendly contest of sorts for the two artists, since in the past they have had differing ideas for color choices on the other Day of the Dead tees. In their on going discussion, they’ve pondered over employing colors they have wanted to use versus colors that will sell. Help them to cement what colorways rule the roost!

All prints are hand screened by LaCouture. Only available for pre-release order during the month of September, these shirts will be discontinued once all orders all filled after October 5 and the screen will self self-destruct. For pre-release orders, please visit Evokerone or antidesigns. Each tee will be $20. Available in men’s and women’s American Apparel shirts.

They are available at the links above.

They ship October 8th so get them while you still have a chance!!!!


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