December 7, 2022

Cool Shit | Bust Magazine Craftacular & Holiday Food Fair

This weekend, I spent the afternoon in the basement of 82 Mercer St enjoying Bust Magazine’s fantastic holiday Craftacular craft fair. I bought a bunch of great little gifts for friends and family, and did a pretty good job of not shopping only for myself!

My favorite crafter and artist was by far Killer Acid.  He had an array of tshirts, stickers, and even a few zines layed out on display…but most importantly, there was a PIZZA PARTY KIT!!! It came with Pizza Party stickers, a Pizza Party mix CD, a Pizza Party tee, and the most incredible Pizza Party pizza box. I was pretty much in love, and ended up buying my pizza loving roommate a pack of stickers.

The next thing that really got me going was Yard Sale Press‘s letter press machine. Just like a sticker machine you would find at a gas station, this bad boy popped out a credit card sized letterpress print! I ended up leaving, going to an ATM, and coming back to the fair just so I could get some dollar prints. It was really THAT exciting.

I love this pineappley guy!

This ceramic artist, Amy Korb had the coolest noodle bowls for sale. They  had slots to put your hands in for ultimate slurpage:

In terms of great gifts, there were these scrabble letter pillows from Dirtsa Studio that I loved. If you’re looking for something cute for a lady in your life, nothing says romance like a love note that doubles as a pillow fort.

I got some really nice from Enormous Champion. They had a box of $2 “misprints” that looked perfect to me. I bought a bunch, and they are currently on their way to my BFF of 12 years, Burning Man Grandma, and my mom. The other card I bought, “I Whaley Like You” I’m saving for a future boyfriend that is worthy of punny cards. #singlegirlproblems

The only thing I bought for myself, besides the dollar print was this awesome handprinted scarf from an artist named Jenny Herbert.

I had a great day that didn’t set me back too many dollars. There are a lot of weird steampunk vendors at craft fairs, but if you make your rounds right, you can find some awesome jems. Bust Magazine always has some interesting crafters set up, and I highly recommend keeping their bi-annual Craftaculars on your radar!

3 thoughts on “Cool Shit | Bust Magazine Craftacular & Holiday Food Fair

  1. I went on Sunday… These were all favorites of mine as well! I got the ice cream dudes out of the print machine. Just wanted let you know I pinned some of your photos on pintrest for a board about the Craftacular!

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