December 5, 2022

Chuck Anderson Draws on Things

Check this out: it’s a essentially a purposeful coloring book for the design set.  Turnstone gifted one of their paper tables to Chuck Anderson to decorate and the result is pretty incredible.

 [youtube width=”600″ height=”400″][/youtube]



The pattern reminds me of those spirograph toys from my childhood.




I’d love to see paper tables adorned by other artists.  Tokidoki would be cool and Edgar Mueller would be legendary. Hell, Christmas is coming (sort of)- why not get one for the special graffiti artist in your life?  At least it’ll keep him/her off the streets.  I don’t mean that because of trouble, but because of cold weather.  Always thinking of the artist.  The comfy, cozy artist. (Pleasesomeonemakeapapertoptableforme)



Wouldn’t it be fun to decorate one of these?  I can visualize it as the most epic party centerpiece.  But seriously, at $424 a pop, I’ll scalp you for coloring outside the lines.  You can take your free spiritedness over to the wall of a bathroom stall and wild out.  There should be a free spot next to your mom’s phone number.

Who am I kidding? It’s mine.

Yes, I’m free this weekend.



All photos via Design Milk and Turnstone.

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