June 6, 2023

Banksy Thief Is Headed to Court

I can’t even relate to Banksy anymore. It isn’t his or her or their fault, it’s just the fact that when you have people who are going to do time for trying to steal your shit you are no longer real to me. Congratulations Banksy, you have made it.

From Artlyst

A man has been committed to trial accused of stealing a work by the highly regarded street artist Banksy. The work was taken from the wall of a four star hotel, located in Victoria central London, on February 9 and April 4, 2011. Leon Lawrence, 31, was caught ‘red handed’ while trying to sell the masterpiece in a reserve auction starting at £17,000 on eBay. He is thought to have removed the work from a back wall of the Hesperia Hotel, earlier this year.It is alleged that he than put the piece, titled “Sperm Alarm”, on the popular internet auction site ebay. The stencil work depicts 15 sperm swimming round a red Angus sprinkler alarm represented as an egg.Lawrence appeared at Southwark Crown Court on 22 December. He has denied theft, handling stolen goods, damaging property and attempting to convert or transfer criminal property.Judge Anthony Leonard QC has ordered Lawrence to stand trial in the week beginning May 7, 2012 he was remanded on unconditional bail.

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