June 8, 2023

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Like any other American with less than half a brain, I am intimidated by most art.  Especially modern art.  I don’t understand people who want to go on dates at museums.  How am I supposed to impress you when all I can see in that impressionistic painting of the sky is an omelet?  That said, once in a while I come across a piece of art that really makes me FEEL.  One time I saw this weird felted womb-thing at MassArt.  You could lay inside it and there were lights and shit in the walls.  I still think about it all the time.  I guess I just get more out of art that I can touch and smell and feel.  Interactive shit.  That’s why my heart skipped a beat when I came across photos of this installation by Martin Creed. 

It’s a series of rooms filled to the brim with balloons.  Sort of like one of those rainbow ball pits they used to have at McDonald’s Playplaces.  On an aside (because it’s written into my contract that I am allowed one A.D.D. rabbit-hole per post), remember all of the urban legends about those ball pits?  Like that people found rattlesnakes and syringes in the bottom.  Attention sharp things lurking in the ball pit: please report to my nightmares!  Anyhow, we can sleep easy knowing that these balloons wouldn’t be intact if there were snake fangs or needles in there.  And it’s ART!   Pinkies up.

And I’m pretty sure that the pink one is just a photograph of the inside of Taylor Swift’s head.

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